SCANCOS (the Scandinavian Society of Cosmetic Chemists) is a non-profit organisation. We have around 100 members and we are a member of the International Federation of Society of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) and supports IFSCCs aims and programs. 57 countries (2014) are qualified as members of IFSCC and the number of individual members are more than 15,000.  

SCANCOS has members in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Latvia. The board is partly renewed every year by election at the annual members meeting. The chairman of SCANCOS alternates between the countries and is replaced every second year.

SCANCOS the story

The roots of SCANCOS (Scandinavian Society of Cosmetic Chemists) dates back to 1955. This year the Cosmetic Chemists in Denmark founded a society in order to create a link to the corresponding American society. The following year the society was visited by Maison G. de Navarre, who then became the first president of IFSCC. In 1957 a joint meeting with the German society for the cosmetic chemists was held in Copenhagen. Two years later the International Federation of Society of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) was founded, to which the Danish society was associated. In 1961 the IFSCC Council Meeting was held in Copenhagen. In 1964 the Swedish Society was formed and in 1966 SCANCOS was founded.

A large international scientific meeting was held in Stockholm 1975, also including the IFSCC Council meeting. Also in 1981 SCANCOS arranged an important IFCC Presidium Meeting and organised an international conference. Moreover, SCANCOS arranged the 1991 IFSCC Conference entitled “Cosmetics and the Environment”. The first IFSCC Conference the third millennium was held in Stockholm, Sweden, 2001, entitled “Quality of Cosmetics; An Explosive Myth?” Also arranged by SCANCOS!

Presidents of the IFSCC

SCANCOS has had the honour to act as President of the IFSCC three times since the establishment of the Federation. In 1973-1974 the President was John Holmberg, in 1981-1982 the President was Gunilla Linder-Henell and during 1986-1987 Marja-Liisa Varjovaara acted as President. 

SCANCOS Organisation Number

Organisation Number: 857206-8081


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